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Leather Bible rebinding
Premium leather Bible rebinding

Bible Rebind

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At Rustic Leatherworks it is our honor to take your Bible and turn it into a premium, long-lasting work of art.  By rebinding your Bible in a high-quality leather of your choosing you can guarantee you never lose your sermon notes, highlights, and connections. 

All standard rebinds include:

  • Full-grain leather in a color of your choice
  • Black goatskin liner
  • New head/tailbands
  • Spine reinforcing cloth
  • 2 Ribbons
  • Raised Hubs
  • Cold stamped spine including "Holy Bible", version, and Rustic Leatherworks logo
  • Cold stamped name, verse, or initials on front cover

We have many other customizable options available including

  • Gold embossing
  • Hand Stitched perimeter (single- or double-stitched)
  • Extra ribbons 

We also provide damage repair for an additional cost ($10 and up, varies by level of damage).

At Rustic Leatherworks we strive to ensure that your well-loved Bible will become both a priceless piece that will be used for years to come and a treasured family heirloom.