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Who We Are


Who We Are

We are first and foremost disciples of our Lord Jesus, devoted to serving him in everything we do whether it’s leathercraft, parenting, or anything else! We are a husband and wife team in Charlotte, North Carolina with our two beautiful girls and are so excited to share this incredible trade with you!

What We Believe

We believe that God has placed us here on earth to glorify and enjoy Him. Our view of God creates a desire within us to care for our planet and to be good stewards of the things we have been given. As a result, we want to use products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We use veg-tanned leather which is leather that has been processed using only organic materials and has no detrimental effects to the environment. Veg-tanned leather is more costly and takes longer to produce than other tanning methods, but we believe the additional cost is worth it to ensure that we are using our resources well in order to preserve the earth for future generations!

Why We Leathercraft

There is something very special about working with leather. We see God as the very first leather craftsman in Genesis 3:21 where He crafts clothes for Adam and Eve in the garden. Leather, therefore, has been a resource since the beginning of the world. It has been used to clothe the human race, as shelter, and to make holsters, bags, saddles, and Bibles. From the feel and smell to the way it ages, leather is a pleasure and joy to work with. At Rustic Leatherworks, our aim is to create simple, rustic, and durable products that others can appreciate and enjoy for years to come.

Where We’re Headed

The Lord has led us to move from California to North Carolina so that Michael can attend seminary. This past year has brought about a new desire in Mallory to combine work and family life. By working out of the home she is excited to spend more quality time with Michael and the girls. We have had the pleasure of meeting people all over the country through Rustic Leatherworks, and we look forward to continue growing our community and getting to know you all even better!