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ESV Creeds and Confessions
ESV Creeds and Confessions

ESV Creeds and Confessions

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Creeds and confessions have been used throughout Christian history to summarize the Bible's teaching, distilling the key truths of Scripture into concise and succinct propositions. The hardbound ESV Bible with Creeds and Confessions contains 13 important creeds and confessions from church history placed after the complete ESV text. Introductions written by theologian Chad Van Dixhoorn explain the history and original purpose of each—helping modern Christians see how these historic documents were designed to faithfully teach the truths of Scripture—truths aimed at shaping and motivating the lives of all who follow Christ.

  •  13 historic creeds and confessions placed in the back, including:
    • the Apostles Creed (ca. 200–400),
    • the Nicene Creed (325),
    • the Athanasian Creed (381),
    • the Chalcedonian Definition (451),
    • the Augsburg Confession (1530),
    • the Belgic Confession (1561),
    • the Articles of Religion (1563),
    • the Canons of Dort (1618–19),
    • the Westminster Confession (1646),
    • the London Baptist Confession (1689),
    • the Heidelberg Catechism (1563),
    • the Westminster Larger Catechism (1647),
    • and the Westminster Shorter Catechism (1647)
  • Smyth-sewn binding
  • Double-column format
  • 9.125" x 6.125" 

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